Политологическая конференция в Монтенегро - отчет

Запрошуємо познайомитися з коротким звітом Володимира Нізова, волонтера Центру, про участь у міжнародній науковій конференції з політології "Зміни в глобальній політичній економіці".

Конференція, організована Міжнародною асоціацією студентів політичних наук, проходила з 27 вересня по 1 жовтня в місті Будва, Чорногорія. Окрім представників молоді країни-господаря, в заході взяли участь молоді вчені з Німеччини, Іспанії, Італії, Китаю, Косово, Нідерландів, Польщі, Португалії, Сербії, США, Туреччини, Узбекистану, України та Франції.

On the first day of the conference the organizers prepared an excursion to the cities of Budva and Cotor. Meeting with participants took place. A cultural program was organized in the evening. 

On the second day we visited the parliament of Montenegro in Podgorica. Here we listened to a lecture by the Speaker Mr. Ranko Krivokapic. He spoke about our leadership potentials and the fact that our visit will help Montenegro in developing its young democracy.

After the speech we had a toor of the Parliament. We had a possibility to seat in MP's seats, prime-minister's and even president's chairs.

The next destination of our day was University of Montenegro in Podgorica. Before going there we had a dinner, where we tasted national food of Montenegro.

In university organizers prepared a new lecture for us. The topic of it was “Global political economy through history of economy thought”. By the way, one participant from USA – Hilary, took the word too. She spoke about neoliberal policy in business.  In my opinion lection was unnecessary for reason of many mistakes and repainting common things. Speech by Hilary was not useful too, but it was performance as like as “American style”. 

In the end of lection we could decide workshop. There were “The correlation between political and economic processes: economic democracy” and “Use of economic tools to deal with traditional problems of political science: economic vote”.  I choose the first one. I don’t complain about it.  The workshop provided PhD Dritan Abazovic. He has really objective position grounded in a lot information about.  I decorated my opinion about democracy and we discuss my think. Doctor agreed with my word and it was end of workshop.

In two next day’s AC prepared for us hard time-table. There were lections about free market, role of democracy in Montenegro etc. Besides, we had a workshop with special themes. We also could made decision. Most interesting for me was topic about economic problem in countries of Middle East. It is a pity but organizations didn’t give me time to made debate with student who present this theme. Nevertheless, I had long conversation with this student. It was interesting to meet person (Andrew from Poland) who specialize in Middle East.  

One more workshop was about gender quality in labor market. The process of this workshop was really trivial.  But I must notice good oral skills of Farrukh (cheerful man from Uzbekistan).  Without it workshop became boring tale. The final academic event was lection “Capitalism vs Socialism”.

During all conference I had a lot of conversations. Most of them were with Italian guys(Carlo and Matteo) from Roma and my neighbors in hotel: two Greeks(Stratos and Kyriakos) . So we discussed a huge numbers of problems and story: from value of Cesare Borgia to Timoshenko case.

The last dinner accompanied by ceremony of certificate.  Sadly we said goodbye each other.

I received a new knowledge, new contacts and new emotions and besides - the impression of Montenegro.

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